Mission Accomplished!

Well, it's been about a year since I first posted this list of things that I wanted to do before I died. And I have to say with another year behind me I haven't gotten much from my list accomplished, but there is something I can officially cross off the list:

#7: Take a Dorks in Forks trip

I've done it. On August 5th my friends and I flew to Portland, OR and then drove up through the Olympic Peninsula. We spent a few days visiting filming locations and sites mentioned in the Twilight books, including the dreary town of Forks, WA. We also spent a couple of days closer to Portland with some of our non-Twilight friends. It was amazing! Easily the most fun I've had outside of Disney World. Seriously, one week, thousands of miles of driving, little podunk towns and some homemade soundtracks made for one of the best weeks ever. Here are a few photos just to prove I was actually there:

For more details and lots of photos keep an eye on the Internet Mandy Database over the next few weeks.


marie said...

I'm glad you got to cross off another "do before I die" item...you are way ahead of me in this!