Killing Two Birds With One Stone

One fine Wednesday afternoon this past September I announced that I wanted to go to the U.S. Open. My friends, knowing that I am a big tennis fan, were not surprised by this statement. They were, however, slightly taken aback when I said that I wanted to go to the U.S. Open that Sunday. That's right, Sunday. Just four days after my declaration. And how awesome are my friends that their almost instantaneous response was to agree to my whim? So, I hopped online and was able to snag us four tickets for the night session at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

So, Sunday morning Kristin, Christine, Christian and I hopped in the car and started on our way to Queens, NY. After five hours, a little traffic and some city driving (that's right, I drove in NYC!) we were there.

We arrived in plenty of time to grab some good (but overpriced) food and some tasty drinks. Honey Dueces anyone?

The tennis itself could have been better and the players we saw wouldn't have been my top choices, but the experience was awesome. Check out the view from the "cheap" seats!

In case you were wondering that is Andy Murray of Great Britain being interviewed on the court after he handily defeated American Taylor Dent.

So, I'm happy to say that I was able to cross two more items off my list. Say goodbye to:

# 14: Attend the U.S. Open (tennis)


#15: Attend a professional tennis match

Mission Accomplished!

Well, it's been about a year since I first posted this list of things that I wanted to do before I died. And I have to say with another year behind me I haven't gotten much from my list accomplished, but there is something I can officially cross off the list:

#7: Take a Dorks in Forks trip

I've done it. On August 5th my friends and I flew to Portland, OR and then drove up through the Olympic Peninsula. We spent a few days visiting filming locations and sites mentioned in the Twilight books, including the dreary town of Forks, WA. We also spent a couple of days closer to Portland with some of our non-Twilight friends. It was amazing! Easily the most fun I've had outside of Disney World. Seriously, one week, thousands of miles of driving, little podunk towns and some homemade soundtracks made for one of the best weeks ever. Here are a few photos just to prove I was actually there:

For more details and lots of photos keep an eye on the Internet Mandy Database over the next few weeks.

My Bucket List or Things I Want to Do Before I Die

Here's a list of the things I wish to do or accomplish before I die. Some should be easy, others far more difficult. Some are easy to see when they are done, others are harder to measure. I realize that in all likelihood there are some things on this list that I may never be able to do, but I figure it's always good to have goals. So here it is:

1) Visit Italy

2) Visit Russia

3) Visit England

4) Visit Prince Edward's Island

5) Visit all 50 states

6) Go on a cruise of New England

7) Take a Dorks in Forks trip

8) Go on a Dan in Real Life vacation

9) Eat at The Lady and Sons in Savannah, GA

10) Visit Neuschwantstein Castle in Germany

11) Visit Disney World at Christmastime

12) Attend a game during the Stanley Cup Finals

13) Attend an event at the Olympics

14) Attend the U.S. Open (tennis)

15) Attend a professional tennis match

16) Go to a hockey games in all 30 NHL cities

17) See a show on Broadway

18) Attend a black-tie affair

19) Attend a cocktail party

20) Host a dinner party

21) Learn to play tennis

22) Learn to golf

23) Learn to sew

24) Learn to speak a foreign language

25) Learn to play an instrument

26) Learn to paint

27) Take a cooking class

28) Go to graduate school

29) Finish an entire scrapbook

30) Write a book

31) Watch all the movies on the American Film Institute (AFI) Top 100

32) Watch all the Best Picture Oscar winners

33) Read the classics

34) Read the complete works of Shakespeare

35) Read the entire Bible

36) Own a house

37) Have a large flower garden

38) Have a large kitchen

39) Find a job/career that I love

40) Adopt a child

41) Discover I'm related to royalty